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Specialized Kenevo SL S-Works

If you choose a Specialized Kenevo SL, you get an uncompromising e-mountain bike of the highest class. Because the Kenevo SL is made for the highest demands. With our Limited Edition of the Specialized Kenevo SL S-Works, we present our vision of the perfect performance bike.


Only the best is good enough. Milled from a sol­id alu­mini­um block, the V4 brake sys­tem from Hope Tech impress­es with its fine dos­ing and long-last­ing sta­bil­i­ty. This allows you to set the brak­ing point lat­er and reach your des­ti­na­tion faster. The high degree of con­trol is under­lined by the excep­tion­al feel. The LEVEL‑X achieves the brak­ing sys­tem with a 24 carat gold plat­ing.

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For the stem we also rely on top qual­i­ty from Eng­land. Milled from the sol­id and gild­ed with 24 carat real gold, paired with a char­ac­ter­is­tic design, we use a high-qual­i­ty Hope stem. It not only under­lines the indi­vid­ual char­ac­ter of the bike, but also has a last­ing impact on its appear­ance.


Deity knuck­le­duster grips in black round off the cock­pit and pro­vide a secure hold with long dura­bil­i­ty.


The world’s light­est 6‑spoke car­bon mono­coque wheel — that’s how our part­ner Bike Ahead describes this extra­or­di­nary wheel. The unpar­al­leled qual­i­ty of the wheels, hand­craft­ed in Ger­many, is an essen­tial fac­tor for the LEVEL‑X of our Lim­it­ed Edi­tion. Expe­ri­ence weight, stiff­ness, steer­ing pre­ci­sion and a superla­tive look.

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Sus­pen­sion fork

The sus­pen­sion fork allows you to indi­vid­u­al­ly adapt it to your needs. We give the fork a high-qual­i­ty cus­tom paint job in deep black or white to match the frame. Cus­tom decals in gold round off the work of art and har­monise per­fect­ly with the gold­en Kashima coat­ing.


Bike Ahead BITUR­BO E full car­bon wheels fur­ther enhance the 29 inch wheels tech­ni­cal­ly. Visu­al­ly, they also under­line the bike’s indi­vid­ual class. Impres­sive wind­ing stiff­ness pro­vides a com­plete­ly new and almost unri­valled rid­ing expe­ri­ence. All Made in Ger­many and from a sin­gle source.


When it comes to brakes, there is no room for com­pro­mise. That’s why we install the Hope Tech 3 V4 brake, which exceeds the high­est safe­ty and qual­i­ty stan­dards. 200mm discs at the front and rear ensure opti­mum brak­ing per­for­mance and con­trol. To meet the demands of our Lim­it­ed Edi­tion, we gold-plat­ed the brake levers and calipers with 24-carat real gold. Of course, this also applies to the match­ing match­mak­ers.


FOX stands for sus­pen­sion at the high­est lev­el. The Fox 38 Per­for­mance sus­pen­sion fork con­vinces with more sen­si­tiv­i­ty, more stiff­ness and more con­trol in all sit­u­a­tions. Atmos­pher­ic pres­sure dif­fer­ences can be com­pen­sat­ed for with a quick release valve. All com­po­nents are ide­al­ly matched to guar­an­tee you the per­fect ride and a supe­ri­or rid­ing expe­ri­ence.

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Seat Binder

Atten­tion to detail down to the last com­po­nent. We replace the orig­i­nal seat post binder with a 24 carat real gold gold plat­ed one from Hope.


The Bridge Hol­low Ti-rails sad­dle guar­an­tees a com­fort­able seat even on long tours. Sporty rid­ers appre­ci­ate its sup­port­ive prop­er­ties and often ride it until they change bikes.


The low-main­te­nance and radio-con­trolled Rock­Shox Reverb AXS seat­post belongs in every S‑Works bike. Pre­cise response and high dura­bil­i­ty char­ac­terise this com­po­nent. The bat­tery lasts for many thou­sands of stroke changes and indi­cates in good time when it needs to be charged. It is com­pat­i­ble with oth­er SRAM AXS com­po­nents and can there­fore be used flex­i­bly.


LEVEL‑X bikes come with the best ped­als on the mar­ket. Milled from the sol­id, Hope F20 ped­als are already a high­light in prin­ci­ple. But our 24 carat real gold plat­ing makes them unique and unpar­al­leled.

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The Spe­cial­ized SL 1.1 motor promis­es effort­less per­for­mance. Sophis­ti­cat­ed soft­ware com­mu­ni­cates in real time with inte­grat­ed con­trollers and responds instant­ly to ped­al forces. The motor ampli­fies input with an incred­i­bly nat­ur­al, intu­itive out­put of up to 240 watts and 35 Nm of torque.


High-qual­i­ty com­po­nents ensure per­fect shift­ing per­for­mance. 12 gears are offered by the radio-con­trolled XX1 AXS shift­ing sys­tem by SRAM. A gold XG-1299 cas­sette replaces the orig­i­nal cas­sette. The gold­en XX1 Eagle chain and a Prax­is car­bon crank com­plete the shift­ing sys­tem. Pre­cise gear changes are guar­an­teed.


The light­weight FACT 11m car­bon frame with 29 inch trail geom­e­try receives a spe­cial paint fin­ish in deep black or white, round­ed off with gold glit­ter and two coats of clear lac­quer for opti­mum pro­tec­tion. Cus­tom decals in gold give the bike a per­son­al touch and make it stand out from the crowd.

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The Spe­cial­ized Kene­vo SL S‑Works has a 320Wh bat­tery inte­grat­ed into the frame. Its capac­i­ty can be extend­ed via a range exten­der, open­ing up a whole new world of pos­si­bil­i­ties.


The dis­play is the inno­v­a­tive Spe­cial­ized Mas­ter­Mind TCU. Spe­cial­ized likes to call it the brain” of the bike, which pret­ty much sums it up. It allows for real-time tun­ing and sup­port. It also shows you all the impor­tant infor­ma­tion you need about your cur­rent activ­i­ty.


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The Details

Extras high­light­ed in white


StemHope Tech Seat Clamp — Bolt — Sil­ver, 38.5 24 carat real gold plat­ed
Han­dle­barRoval Tra­verse SL Car­bon, ris­er bar, 6‑degree upsweep, 8‑degree back­sweep, 30mm rise, 800mm, 35.0mm
Han­dle­bar gripsDeity, Knuck­le­duster, Black
Sad­dleBridge, 155/​143mm, Hol­low Ti-rails
Seat­postRock­Shox Reverb AXS, 30.9mm, S2: 125mm, S3: 150mm, S4/S5: 170mm


Front brakeHope Tech 3 V4 200mm disc 24 carat real gold plat­ed
Rear brakeHope Tech 3 V4 200mm disc 24 carat real gold plat­ed


Rear dérailleurSRAM XX1 Eagle AXS
Cas­setteSRAM XG-1299, 12-Speed, 10 – 52t gold
Gearshift leverSRAM Eagle AXS Rock­er Pad­dle
ChainSRAM XX1 Eagle, 12-speed gold
CranksetPrax­is Car­bon M30, cus­tom off­set, 160mm
Chain­ringsSRAM X‑Sync Eagle, 94 BCD, 32T, alloy


TubesStan­dard, Pres­ta Valve
Front wheelBike Ahead Bitur­bo E Voll­car­bon 6 spoke design 29″
Rear wheelBike Ahead Bitur­bo E Voll­car­bon 6 spoke design 29″
Front tireButch­er Grid Trail T9 29×2.3″
Rear tireButch­er Grid Trail T7 29 x 2.3″


EngineSpe­cial­ized SL 1.1, cus­tom light­weight motor
Charg­erCus­tom charg­er, 48V Sys­tem w/​SL sys­tem charg­er plug
Dis­playSpe­cial­ized Mas­ter­Mind TCU, ANT+/Bluetooth®, w/​Handlebar remote
Bat­terySpe­cial­ized SL1-320, ful­ly inte­grat­ed, 320Wh inklu­sive 160W Range Exten­der for bot­tle hold­er and charg­ing cable
Wiring har­nessCus­tom Spe­cial­ized wiring har­ness


FrameFACT 11m full car­bon, 29″, full inter­nal cable rout­ing, 148mm spac­ing, ful­ly sealed car­tridge bear­ings, 170mm rear trav­el, geo adjust head tube, geo adjust horst piv­ot high qual­i­ty cus­tom paint in jet black or white with gold par­ti­cles cus­tom decals in gold 2 coats of clear lac­quer
ForkFOX FLOAT 38 Fac­to­ry 29, Grip2 damper, 44mm off­set, HSC, LSC, HSR, LSR, 110x15mm, 1.5″ tapered steer­er, 170mm trav­el, Kashima high qual­i­ty cus­tom paint in jet black or white with gold par­ti­cles cus­tom decals in gold 2 coats of clear lac­quer
Seat post clampHope Tech Seat Clamp — Bolt 24 carat real gold plat­ed


DamperFOX FLOAT X2 Fac­to­ry, LSC, LSR, 2‑position lever, 62.5x230mm, Kashima Cus­tom Decals in Gold


SWATSWAT CC steer­er tube inte­grat­ed tool with chain tool and link




5′2″ — 5′8″158 — 173S2
5′5″ — 5′11″165 — 180S3
5′8″ — 6′2″173 — 188S4
5′10″ — 6′4″178 — 193S5